Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Guilty Age

It's been a while, I know. I feel shamelessly guilty that I can't write a post every once in a while! Lots of life has happened since my last appearance here. I had a little accident driving down a mountain from a friends house. The truck started to fish tail on a slippery slope. I was going too fast (back to the guilty part) and I had to choose nose-diving into a ravine or hitting the side of the mountain. I went for the mountain and knocked two teeth loose on the steering wheel. Again, guilty for not wearing my seatbelt on the 5 minute journey home. But, that's what they say, right? Most accidents occur close to home.

The whole knocking-the-teeth-loose experience enabled me to to visit the dentist! I got a recommendation from someone else that knocked their teeth lose and went to see the cutest doctor I've met. So, the experience has had its upside! The office is also very nice with computorized x-rays, blue walls, classical music and a digital wall clock. I mention the clock because just yesterday when I was in for my fourth check-up with the cute dentist I noticed the date on the clock-- 5-22-- and thought to myself," Hmm, only 7 more months until I'm 30." Just the kind of experience I like to have-- sitting in a dentist's office, wondering if I'll need a root canal and thinking about my age!

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