Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Shot at the Caribbean

Just wanted to let you know I'm alright. I was shot in the Caribbean (grocery store) parking lot, but came away with only a very minor wound. It actually turns out to be quite positive because I'm now immunized against yellow fever....

So, the real story is that I needed a yellow fever immunization for entry into Mali this summer. (Yes, I'm travelling to Mali, Kenya and Tanzania!) So, I met up with the US Embassy nurse at the Caribbean parking lot who gave me a shot. So, it is true that I was shot in the Caribbean parking lot, but it was a needle and not a gun. I guess I could also say that I was shooting up in the Caribbean parking lot...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm Moving!

Yes, yet again- the fifth time in two years! This time, I hope to be in the same place for a while.

The house where I am now is way to big for me. The reasons I moved there in the first place was that: a) the house was available after the last person who was in my position left the country b) Joseph, my househelp/maintanance guy lives there with his family and was well-established in the community, so moving would mean he would have to find a new place to live too c) everything in the house belongs to my employer, so moving out meant moving tons of furniture and tons of stuff accumulated over 8 years at the same time as starting a huge new job.

But, now, it's time. My landlord has been a complete ass- telling Joseph that he has to pay rent which is ridiculous because I'm the one renting the property. The house is way too big for me. I only use half of it. I think its size has contributed to feelings of depression in some way because I'm so alone in that big house. Plus I've felt really guilty paying a bunch of money for a house I hardly use.

I'm very excited about the new place. I'm getting a great deal on rent- only $300/mo and the place is brand new. It has windows all the way around. I can have a roof garden and the rooms are small enough to be cozy. I've already met most of the neighbors and they are all very welcoming. In fact, yesterday when I stopped by to talk to the construction guy who is going to take out a wall for me, I ended up with 5 other people coming in to say hi!

Here are a few pics of the current house. I did some major painting, so I'm sad to have to leave all the hard work behind!

Friday, May 04, 2007

It's May!

It's May, so it must be time for a new post. I think I can acheive a minimum of one post per month!

I'm currently on vacation in Michigan also known as 'home'. I've gotten my fill of family this past week seeing everyone come together for my youngest sister's graduation from university. After the ceremony we all went out for dinner to celebrate. My sister could only swing reservations at the swankiest Italian restaurant in town. My family is NOT a swanky family. Hot dogs and beer are more the order of the day. Reading through the menu was a bit trying since there was no spaghetti or lasagna, and ravioli was a stretch for some of the family to understand. Anyway, we made it through to dessert which I was excited to have. My dear grandmother sitting next to me says, "Dessert? Oh yeah, you're a skinny girl....(then pats my hip)....Well, except for right here..." Thanks, Grandma!

Me with Grandpa and Grandma