Friday, May 04, 2007

It's May!

It's May, so it must be time for a new post. I think I can acheive a minimum of one post per month!

I'm currently on vacation in Michigan also known as 'home'. I've gotten my fill of family this past week seeing everyone come together for my youngest sister's graduation from university. After the ceremony we all went out for dinner to celebrate. My sister could only swing reservations at the swankiest Italian restaurant in town. My family is NOT a swanky family. Hot dogs and beer are more the order of the day. Reading through the menu was a bit trying since there was no spaghetti or lasagna, and ravioli was a stretch for some of the family to understand. Anyway, we made it through to dessert which I was excited to have. My dear grandmother sitting next to me says, "Dessert? Oh yeah, you're a skinny girl....(then pats my hip)....Well, except for right here..." Thanks, Grandma!

Me with Grandpa and Grandma

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