Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm Moving!

Yes, yet again- the fifth time in two years! This time, I hope to be in the same place for a while.

The house where I am now is way to big for me. The reasons I moved there in the first place was that: a) the house was available after the last person who was in my position left the country b) Joseph, my househelp/maintanance guy lives there with his family and was well-established in the community, so moving would mean he would have to find a new place to live too c) everything in the house belongs to my employer, so moving out meant moving tons of furniture and tons of stuff accumulated over 8 years at the same time as starting a huge new job.

But, now, it's time. My landlord has been a complete ass- telling Joseph that he has to pay rent which is ridiculous because I'm the one renting the property. The house is way too big for me. I only use half of it. I think its size has contributed to feelings of depression in some way because I'm so alone in that big house. Plus I've felt really guilty paying a bunch of money for a house I hardly use.

I'm very excited about the new place. I'm getting a great deal on rent- only $300/mo and the place is brand new. It has windows all the way around. I can have a roof garden and the rooms are small enough to be cozy. I've already met most of the neighbors and they are all very welcoming. In fact, yesterday when I stopped by to talk to the construction guy who is going to take out a wall for me, I ended up with 5 other people coming in to say hi!

Here are a few pics of the current house. I did some major painting, so I'm sad to have to leave all the hard work behind!

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MissDe said...

Whoa! That's a huge difference from when I saw it last summer. Do you have any pics of the new place?