Saturday, January 06, 2007

New Year's

Wow! I can't believe someone, let alone several someones are still looking at my blog. I figured everyone had given up on it because I never post! Thanks for hanging in there!

I had a fantastic New Year's doing absolutely nothing. I spent four days in Jacmel with Ana and her fiance and soon to be in-laws. Did I say it was fabulous? Because it was! We watched movies (which I haven't done in months). We went to the beach (which I haven't done in months). We spent New Year's Eve at a party given by Jacmel's mayor (which I haven't done in months--- okay, never.) And a new first-- driving around with the gwo police chef patrolling the city. I was given the official tour of Jacmel by none other than the Director of Police for the Southeast Department himself. Here's two pics of my New Year's Holiday. One of the beach where we were on the last day of the year and one of Valine (sister-in-law), Ana, myself, and Sonny (fiance to Ana and gwo chef).

The only stress the whole trip was trying to get back. I'd chosen to fly since it was only $55 for a round trip ticket and the trip was only 17 minutes compared to three hours in the car. I made reservations the week before, paid when I arrived at the airport and asked to verify my return trip. The lady behind the counter said she couldn't confirm it....okay. So when trying to leave on Wednesday to come back, we called ahead to verify my name was on the passenger list. Nope, it wasn't. Of course. We went to the airport since Ana was on the same flight, but was confirmed and wanted to double check my name, too. If there wasn't room, I wouldn't be able to come back to Port until the next day. Lo and behold, my name was not on the list and they said the flight was booked, but Dave Carwell happened to be there with a MAF plane! I hopped aboard, paid by $30 and was back in Port before my original flight.

When Ana's flight arrived, there were only 7 passengers! Oh, well. I still have a flight that I can use to or from Jacmel in the future, which means I just HAVE to go again!

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MissDe said...

Yea! Two posts in a month! We never gave up on you, Charity. :)