Saturday, March 15, 2008

Just Another Saturday in Port-au-Prince

Today's emotions:

Today's events:
Woke up feeling tired after a late night with friends and some alcohol (no, alcohol is not one of my friends)

Ate 3 chocolate chip cookies and some scrambled eggs for breakfast

Shared some cookies with my neighbor

Met a friend at a cafe to do some work

Found out an NGO worker's husband was shot and killed last night. She's in Africa and hadn't yet been contacted

Went to the salon for a cut and color, mani and pedi; came away with color and not much of a cut- everyone says it looks great

Had a meeting for work purposes although the topic didn't have much to do with MCC work (sorry, can't give more details!)

Witnessed a mob of 20 beating a man to a pulp in the middle of Route de Delmas with UN soldiers standing by with weapons- the soldiers had even put out orange cones for traffic to move around the mob

Met a friend for a rant session about work with a little chocolate ice cream therapy at Fior di Latte

Came home and wrote this blog

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