Saturday, November 08, 2008

One Month On: My Experience So Far

New York!

Appearing on The View and receiving free gifts(iPod speakers and a book)
Staying with a great roommate, Mary Anne
Receiving an iPod nano as a gift
Feeling blessed

Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset
Walking in Prospect Park, on Broadway, Times Square, Columbus Circle on Columbus Day
Shopping for boots, browsing really
Walking on the beach, lots of seagulls, lots of wind
Feeling tired, but elated

Writing cover letters, cover letters, cover letters and resume updates
Interviewing for volunteer work

Walking, walking, walking catching the bus, catching the train
Seeing the neighbor in his whitey tighties strolling to his car
Seeing homeless and beggars, hustlers on the train
Feeling not too far from Haiti

Observing people, all nationalities- Haitian, Dominican, Pakistani, Indian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Senegalese, Omani, Guyanian, Mexican
Being confused for Russian
Attending seminars and lectures- conflict mediation, AIDS, nuclear disarmament, Cuba
Feeling curious and intellectual

Eating food on the run
Eating sushi, stuffed mushrooms, spinach pie, baked penne, baby spinach salad, panceta panini
Meeting new people
Meeting more people
Sending out cover letters and resumes
Feeling frustrated
Attending church, attending growth group
Feeling encouraged

Volunteering for Doctor's Without Borders
Volunteering at church
Volunteering and writing with women of color
Feeling content

Enjoying New York!

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